Finding the right Real Estate Agent, will require that you know what to look for in a Real Estate Agent so your home gets sold and the listing doesn’t wither away and expire. They must be in the business of selling homes and know the importance of top notch online internet exposure.

It’s a tough decision, yet so important to choose well, so you know you’ll be receiving the right advice.

Price your home to sell from day one

More times than not, this will be the #1 reason why your home listing expired. Pricing a home is crucial for home selling success. Your home needs to be priced right from the beginning. It’s not simply about what you want to get from the sale of your home, as a Buyer will only pay what the local Real Estate Market will support. An overpriced home will be overlooked by a Buyer, forcing them to buy your competitions home that was priced right. How your home is priced and it’s price point can make all the difference in getting your home sold. Who wants the worry of selling your home for less than you could, due to inaccurate pricing, when you find that you’re chasing the market from an initial overpriced home or worse yet, in not selling it at all! Pricing correctly is a mix between art and science.

Prepare for selling your home

I can’t say it enough on the importance of preparing your home for sale and for being prepared on the home selling process. Preparing your home for sale starts with actually getting your home ready to shine and stand out from the competition for all Buyers to see. It’s also essential for you to know what steps you My home isn’t sellingwill go through during the home sale so you can be prepared and anticipate what lies ahead. Preparation in all that we do goes a long way in keeping our nerves at bay.

Expect the unexpected

So much of what we experience has a negative, irritating effect when we don’t anticipate it in advance. Expect the unexpected when selling a home and you’ll likely be less irritated when the unexpected happens. It’s not unusual to find, that during contract negotiations and the Buyer’s inspection, that things can come up that can get you hot under the collar. Be calm in knowing that you’ve chosen an experienced Real Estate Agent who will know how best to handle the unexpected that is more routine to them.

Refrain from excessive haggling

Haggling back and forth over minuscule things really won’t be worth the trouble and will lead to greater aggravation. Do you really have to win that badly? Save it for another time after you’ve closed on your home. Would you really want to lose out on the sale of your home over what results in being a small percentage of the overall price?

Eat right

What does eating right have to do with selling my home, you ask? A lot.

Has nutrition never been one of your strengths? Well you don’t necessarily have to become a health crazed person now that it’s time to sell your home, however forgoing the bag of chips and pop (yes, I came from the north 30+ years ago and I’m one who says “pop” and not “soda”) for dinner would be wise. Try to eat as balanced as you can for optimum mental and physical well being during this time period. Who knows, maybe you’ll get used to it after you close on your home and what can that hurt?!


What does exercising have to do with selling a home? It’s a great stress reliever. Even if you’ve neveDont let your home listing expirer exercised before, you might want to consider it when it’s time to sell your home, even if it’s going for a simple early morning or early evening walk. Heck, you could go for a walk when your home is being shown, if you happen to be at home. Plus, exercise does wonders to alleviating those moments when you feel like strangling someone!

So get it right the second time around or avoid the expired listing all together, by remembering to select the right Real Estate Agent, price it right, prepare well, expect the unexpected, lessen haggling, eat well and exercise. Pretty simply home selling strategy to avoid many unwanted, annoying, unpleasant symptoms common with the expired listing.